The Triple Helix guests

The XII Triple Helix International Conference will take place 11-13 September 2014 in Tomsk, Russia. The Conference is devoted to the analysis of collaboration between universities, industry and the State government bodies.

Among the participants is the Latin America cosmetic market leader Natura Cosmeticos SA, elected in the world's top 10 innovative companies by Forbes Magazine. During the conference discussions devoted to the new research funding schemes and improving their effectiveness, corporate employee Tulio Zozolotto will present the experience of Natura Cosmeticos SA of establishing liaison with one of the leading São Paulo state financial fund to support researches - FAPESP.

Also, a delegation from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru will visit Tomsk

Professors Ronnie Guerra, Jose Rau, Enrique Quispe and Carlos Vera will participate in the Conference and present the university experience of engaging students in business activities.

According to its General Coordinator Ronnie Guerra words, Peru University project E-QUIPU is a vivid example of possible cooperation between the different spheres representatives. They provide resource support to the project and participate in the work with the students.

In recent years, the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru developed in the framework of the Triple Helix and established connections with public authorities and local businesses. "The main problem is to create an institutional environment - said the professor. - We have no experience of interaction between the innovation system participants. Country cultural characteristics create disunity among the members of society, which leads to inefficiency of any interaction. "

Representatives of the world's leading universities, research organizations, public authorities, medium and large businesses from over 30 countries will attend the conference. One of the main conference objectives is building dialogue and experience exchanging between successful practices of using the Triple Helix model in economic development of the countries.