Students from Syria, Iraq, and Egypt talked about their countries

TSU held a presentation Magic East, where 22 students from Syria, Iraq, and Egypt talked about the history of their countries, traditions, and customs, and also debunked some stereotypes. This is one of the events that help Russian and international students get to know each other, create joint projects, and develop academic exchanges.

International students talked about the history of Syria, Iraq, and Egypt - countries with a large and interesting history that have given a lot to all of humanity. For example, the first alphabet was invented in Syria, the world's first code of laws was written in Iraq, and Egypt was the birthplace of the oldest civilization on the planet. They also spoke of modern Iraqi cities with the new buildings, roads, and cultural centers.

- The history of Syria struck me because of the fact that over the millennia, many peoples and empires (especially the Roman and Ottoman) were in the territory of this country. In the first half of the 20th century, it was under the administration of France, and each stage left its unique cultural monuments that can still be seen to this day. At the same time, the country was able to preserve its identity, which cannot but delight, - says Diana Barashkova, a TSU Online volunteer.

- Today I had a great time thanks to the volunteers TSU Online - they helped us from the first moment we arrived in Tomsk, - Omar Lebda, a student from Egypt, shared his impressions. - I liked this event, and I hope to attend all the upcoming events.

In the future TSU Online volunteers and international students plan to organize presentations of Laos, European countries, and countries of Asia and Africa.