Students from Vietnam participate in education digitalization project

In early December, specialists from Tomsk State University will visit Vietnam to hold strategic sessions with teachers and administrators and project intensives with schoolchildren. The events will involve more than 80 people - staff and students of the Senior Secondary Special School named after Tran Phu of Haiphong.

Today, Vietnam is one of the rapidly developing countries in which high-quality training of schoolchildren is underway, including in science and technology. TSU has partnerships with Vietnamese high schools, and more than 50 graduates of these schools study at the university. Therefore, TSU students from Vietnam took an active part in developing the program for schoolchildren.

- We organized a focus group with students to prepare a script for a webinar with Vietnamese schoolchildren, to connect the children to the educational platform and begin taking online courses. Also, working with students helped us to adapt the available material of the project intensives and prepare for a face-to-face meeting, - comments Daria Dokuchaeva, the developer of the educational program for schoolchildren, deputy director of the Center for the Development of Modern Competencies.

In the focus group, TSU students studied the proposed scenario and said that difficulties for Vietnamese schoolchildren might arise due to different levels of English language proficiency and project activity skills. The presenters of the educational activities of the project specified the features of the educational process in Vietnam and the level of digital literacy of school children so that the content of the meetings was clear and interesting.

According to the results of the focus group, some of the students joined the project as additional leaders of webinars. With the main team, they wrote a script that took into account the theoretical part about the distribution of roles and exercises on team building (assembly of paper models).

- With student interns from Vietnam, we determined in which places you need to place emphasis, where to give more time to complete tasks, and what to look for. The result of the webinar will be the willingness of students to independently organize teamwork, says Daria Dokuchaeva.