Students invented a system that determines the size of clothing

TSU students have come up with a system that will make the customer’s life easier and reduce the number of returns in online stores. They presented their project at the final of the competition of student startups Launchbay.Digital, became winners, and received 150,000 rubles.

Launchbay.Digital is a 7-week student startup competition organized with Gazprombank's subsidiary GPB Digital in partnership with TSU. It is aimed at ensuring that teams go through the process of creating products, systems, and spaces from scratch.

The winner of the contest Launchbay.Digital was the project Good Buyer. It is a system that helps to choose the exact size and style of clothing in an online store. It looks like part of an already existing online store in the form of a button “determine the size” and determines the measurements of a person from a photo. The size is saved in the system until the next order and the buyer no longer needs to understand the dimensional tables or read reviews because all this will be done by the system. The authors of the project, Faculty of Journalism students Anastasia Lenshina, Nikita Goncharov, Maria Bondarenko, and Ilya Saushkin, received a prize of 150,000 rubles.

- Our project is relevant for people with a non-standard figure, who find it difficult to choose the right size of clothes, and because of the lack of a uniform standard of size, which almost all people face. To help people globally, we decided to act through online stores and found that the main problem of such stores is a high return rate. The problems of shops and buyers are correlated, that's why we help both sides with one solution, - said Ilya Saushkin, a team member.

Another winner of the startup competition, the project “Learn to Learn”, is helping to improve learning skills taking into account the cognitive characteristics of the individual. It received a prize from TSU in the amount of 75,000 rubles. The application is designed for those who like to learn, but do not understand how to do it effectively, as well as for students who need to restore knowledge gaps.

-I believe that there is a gap between education and business. This initiative that you participate in is not about the contest, not about money, and not about startups, it's about you being participants in the new education process, because it’s only through real activity, through participation in projects that you can understand what competence you will need. What we are doing here today is the education of the future, - said Deputy Chairman of Gazprombank Dmitry Sauers.

There were 7 teams in the competition. Students also came up with an application for storing contacts; service, where the motivation for learning English is to help homeless animals; application for mentoring in entrepreneurship; a calendar of city events; and a service that helps young families get to know other families.

Konstantin Belyakov, Vice-Rector for Innovation, invited all the teams to the business incubator of TSU for further development of their projects.