Studying mathematics and cybernetics in Russian
We are publishing a series of interviews that were made by Hilesha Humphreys, a student of the Faculty of Journalism.  

After studying for a year in a public engineering institute in India, Manoj Kumar decided to quit on account of his father's advice. At the time his father, who is an engineer was working in St. Petersburg. Manoj's dad wanted his son closer to him, and he also noted that the quality of education that Manoj was receiving was below par. So he advised him to come study in Russia where the quality of education in engineering would be better.

Manoj applied for a scholarship through the Russian Cultural Centre in his city by participating in a mathematics olympiad. Tomsk wasn't the young man's first choice. However, having lived in the city for the last year and a half the engineering student says "Tomsk is a good city. So far I've seen a lot of students not like other places. It helps. It's better I think." According to Manoj, his experience at TSU "academic-wise is really good."

Before beginning his studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Cybernetics last September, Manoj studied Russian in TSU's preparatory course for seven months. Although he can make small talk easily the complexity of Russian does not allow him the ability to explain theorems and other complex thoughts associated with his field of study. "Here the exams are so different. In India, we have to write and just submit the paper. But here we have to submit the paper and explain our answer ...And that's a really big problem for me, explaining in Russian." He continued and added that mathematics is one of his easier subjects due to the use of formulas, and equations which are independent of language.

But Manoj is not entirely alone. "My Russians classmates help a lot in my academics. I don't understand anything that our lecturers say in front of the blackboard. I take my classmates' notes and study those," explains Manoj. He also has Russian friends with whom he communicates so as to improve his skills in Russian, a method which he considers to be preferable. According to Manoj, "communication is better because you get more learn new words."