Taiwan suggested joint research work with TSU scientists

Tomsk State University was recently visited by a delegation from Taiwan. Representatives of the island met with Tomsk scientists and invited them to work in Taiwan's laboratories, developing joint projects.

The delegation included Yeong-Her Wang, the president of the National Laboratory of Applied Research of Taiwan, the laboratory professor Cheng Minzhi, and Fu Zhaomeng, the director of the science and technology department of the Taipei-Moscow Coordinating Commission on Economic, Scientific, Technical, and Cultural Cooperation.

At TSU, they met with Ivan Ivonin, Vice-Rector for Academic Research, and scientists who presented their developments and discussed the research.

- Our university is a university of the classical type. Therefore, it is a conglomerate of faculties, research institutes, and centres that deal with all aspects of human life. The research of both physical and mathematical subdivisions, and natural-scientific, and social, and humanistic ones, is devoted to the improvement of human life and society, - said Ivan Ivonin.

Members of the delegation of Taiwan noted that they were most interested in research on hydrology, as well as the technology of creating arsenide-gallium detectors.

- We see many common themes that we might be interested in. We invite you to use our supercomputer centre. We would like to invite your experts to participate in joint research in Taiwan, - said Fu Zhaomeng.

Professor Cheng Minzhi of the National Laboratory of Applied Research of Taiwan added that their side is interested not only in joint academic research, but also in close interaction with partners. He invited young scientists, including those who had just defended their Ph.D. theses, for joint collaboration.

- It is best if your specialists did not come for short-term collaboration but stayed for a year or two. If the results are good, such a partnership can be expanded and continued, - suggested Cheng Minzhi