The Beatles start the admission campaign

A group of plexiglass sculptures depicting members of The Beatles, who appear to be heading to TSU’s main building, appeared in the University Grove on the first day of receiving documents. Its creator is a Tomsk sculptor, Anton Gnedikh.

The figures are lifesize, each weighing about 50 kg. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are as they looked on the famous cover of the album “Abbey Road” and headed directly to the main entrance of TSU, as if they want to submit documents for admission.

- I wanted to create a mobile sculptural composition for the urban environment, and the University Grove is perfect for this, - says Anton Gnedikh. - The idea came to me seven years ago, and the most difficult Beatle to embody was John Lennon - many small details, a hairdo, and a beard.

The sculptures will be in the University Grove over the summer. The composition has not been exhibited anywhere before.