The best TSU students will receive a scholarship of 30,000 rubles

TSU provides many opportunities for self-realization of young scientists and supports their promising research. One of them is receiving increased academic scholarships. In the 2015/16 academic year, the monthly award for achievements in research and development has been differentiated depending on the results achieved by the student. The first-level winner will receive 30,000 rubles, the second-level – 21,500 rubles, and the third-level – 13,000 rubles.

- In the context of increasing competition, young scientists should correspond to the status of the University, which is trying to take a worthy position in the world and is involved in a programme to increase competitiveness, - says Vladislav Maslovskiy, director of the Youth Center of TSU.

In addition to advances in science, scholarships are available for successes in educational, social, cultural, artistic, and sports activities. Freshmen and sophomores can receive 7,500 rubles per month during the second semester and second-year graduate students can receive 14,800 rubles.

- The first time I received increased scholarship in the second semester of the third year, it was about 6,000 rubles, - says Christina Kochergina, undergraduate of Faculty of Philology, scholarship winner of the second level. In the first semester of this academic year Christina received 21,500 rubles per month. She notes that it strongly motivates her and provides an incentive for further achievements, and in addition, is a great help for her young family.

TSU announces a competition for increased academic scholarships for the second semester of the 2015/16 academic year for achievements in educational, research, social, cultural, artistic, and sports activities. Bachelors and masters of all courses may participate. Reception of documents is  at the Deans’ offices from 15 to 26 February 2016.

More information on completing the registration information card and the portfolio can be found at the Youth Center of TSU:

TSU Research Library, office 64-2, 8 (3822) 529-837, E-mail:

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