The competitor of the automation system for Unix is being tested

Tomsk mathematicians and programmers are developing the first Russian software and tool complex (PC) to create automated control systems for high-tech industries. At present, the team, which includes TSU researchers and specialists from EleSy, is increasing the functionality of this complex, the first version of which is already undergoing preliminary tests.

- Many objects of the fuel and energy complex still use OS Windows, and it will be reasonable not to completely abandon Windows, but to develop software solutions that can be simply reconfigured for an alternative Windows operating environment, - says Alexander Zamyatin, the director of the TSU Centre for Computer Science and Technology and head of the TSU Department of Theoretical Foundations of Informatics.

The software complex, created in Tomsk, operates under the control of Unix-like operating systems. It allows collecting, processing, and storage of production and technological data, solving problems of planning, distribution, and control of the production process in real time, and other technological functions.

The first major and very important stage of the platform creation has already been accomplished. It consisted of conducting research studies, on the basis of which detailed design decisions of key subsystems were developed and multifunctional prototypes of the main PC subsystems were created.

The Tomsk development does not depend on international commercial operational and software systems. The enterprises of the nuclear, oil and gas, energy, chemical, and other industries for which the control of the technological process is critically important for ensuring safety have already shown interest in it.

- It is planned that the key stages for the creation of a nearly fully functional version of the PC, ready for demonstration to potential customers, will be accomplished at the end of 2017 - early 2018, says Maxim Kostarev, Director of Innovative Development for EleSy. - This will allow us, with our partners from TSU, to proceed to the release of a boxed version of the software package, ready for use by third-party integrators.