The Confucius Institute will hold a festival of dishes of the PRC

The Confucius Institute of TSU invites you to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 17. This year the festival will be held in the format of the festival of national cuisine of the People’s Republic of China. Participants are invited to submit New Year’s dishes to the jury and compete for prizes. In addition, guests will be able to participate in master classes on preparing Chinese pot stickers and sugar painting.

- This year, the Chinese New Year begins on February 16, and in China, it is celebrated for two weeks, - said Irina Shvedova, director of the Confucius Institute at TSU. – Usually, we treat them with traditional Chinese dishes, but this time we decided to offer our guests an active form of participation and they can demonstrate their culinary skills. We are waiting for participants with meals, which will be evaluated by the jury, including natives of the Middle Kingdom - students and teachers at the Confucius Institute.

Festival organizers note that creating a New Year's Chinese dish is not so difficult, because the main dish of the festive table in many homes in China is dumplings - pot stickers. They are prepared with mixed fillings, for example, pork - beef - lamb - onion, Peking cabbage – and beef. Often the constituent part of the filling is a fish in combination with such components as mushrooms or shrimp. In addition, the Chinese New Year's table is often decorated with chicken or meat in sweet and sour sauce that even a newcomer chef can cook.

- As a healthful entertainment for festival guests, we offer a tea ceremony, cookies with predictions, and cooking lessons, - says Irina Shvedova. - In particular, we will hold a master class on cooking the dumplings with cabbage and meat filling that are the most popular in each Chinese family. Also, there will be a master class on cooking Chinese caramels. They are not at all similar to their Russian analogs, rather these are caramel paintings that are sometimes said to be an art form that you can eat.

The holiday will be held in dining room No. 1 of TSU (the 1st floor of the Center of Culture), beginning at 14.00.

At the end of the festival, the prize-winners of the contest will receive gifts from the Confucius Institute, and all active participants of the holiday will receive souvenirs with Chinese symbols.