The first entrant from Chile goes to the TSU master’s program
Camilo Andres Sánchez Bozo has studied Geography in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, his thesis was Assessment of Environmental Services High Andean Wetlands in the Valley of the Chalinga River (Commune of Salamanca, IV Region of Coquimbo, Chile). His practice was about biotopoclimatic zonification to a predictive model of cooling on the same IV region (semi-arid of Atacama's desert). After the university, he has received the diploma in control and management for professionals at the University of Chile. 

- Academical Programs in Chile have 5-6 years of duration and the logic of subdivision of knowledge and programs is similar than Russian, but not the same. My research area is the physical geography of water and soil resources. I want to consider hydrology and water resources from the hydrometeorological point of view at the TSU magistracy. And I want to learn this in Russia because my country doesn’t have such a program.

Сamilo Andres said that he had studied Russian in Belgorod and had heard that there were good universities in Siberia, for example, in Tomsk:

- About Tomsk before visiting Russia, I only knew that it is a city in Siberia and it is very cold. But to hear and to feel are different things. I hope to travel and learn more than these myths. I know that TSU has a good position in the Russian ranking, but that fact is not so important for me, because a ranking is only a link. Tomsk and TSU are a challenge that I am ready to accept.

Asked what he expects and wants to learn at TSU, Camilo Sanchez Bozo replied:

- The main goal is to get a different experience, learn about the culture of Tomsk and Siberia. My dream is to visit Siberia because it's so far from my house. As a geographer, I find it a romantic place. Knowledge and experience are important, and I think that TSU will be able to give me both.