A new TSU Institute will help to build Universities 3.0 in Russia

The Advanced Learning Institute is being created at Tomsk State University to develop areas related to digitalizing and personalizing education and acquiring the entrepreneurial thinking necessary for Russia’s transition to the digital economy.

The TSU Advanced Learning Institute will be a platform for research whose results will be the basis of new educational technologies and products and help to develop a system for evaluating the effectiveness of digital education. Hans Wissema, a professor at the University in Delft (Netherlands), an expert in university management, innovation management, and entrepreneurship and the author of the well-known book Towards the Third Generation University, will be the Institute’s scientific leader.

- One of the functions of the Institute will be developing the formats suitable for teaching Generation Z. Studies show that young people who grew up in the digital environment have a number of characteristics, for example, they cannot focus their attention for a long time, they perceive and assimilate information differently, - says TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky. -At the same time, the new generation has a high need for self-realization, a tendency towards creativity. This generation chooses a lifestyle more than a job. It is necessary to take these things into account, and at the same time, to form the vital professional and personal qualities of Generation Z using digital tools and advanced training technologies. This is a completely new task that we have to accomplish.

The ideology of advanced learning (ADL) is to restructure the educational process and merge traditional learning with e-learning and the emergence of a new learning format based on intelligent environments. Modern technologies that combine the capabilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analysis of big data will help to automatically adapt educational content to an individual and build an individual learning path that takes into account interests, requests, psychological characteristics, and the level of training.

The global transformation of the educational environment opens up completely new opportunities for the training of specialists who are able to build a new economy. Training with extensive use of online courses, simulators in virtual reality laboratories, and other digital products allows us to significantly expand the set of professional competencies and update them in accordance with the rapidly growing demand on people’s time. Along with this, a new format of education develops the ability to generate original ideas that are necessary for the birth of breakthrough technologies.

One of the focuses of ADL will be on developing the entrepreneurial thinking that predetermines the development of the economy. If earlier the main task of universities was to translate knowledge, today the ability to transfer knowledge in technology and commercialize these developments is of great importance.

Several TSU departments will be involved In the new project: StrAU Institute of the Human of the Digital Era, TSU Institute of Distance Education, Institute of Economics and Management, Center for the Development of Quality Education, and Institute of Innovations in Education.