The Rector of TSU congratulates us on the Birthday of the University

Dear colleagues and friends!

Today we celebrate the birthday of our dear alma mater.

138 years ago there was an important event not only for our city and region, but also for the entire country - it was decided to build in Tomsk the first university beyond the Urals.

I think that those who built it, who donated money for the construction, participated in the discovery, believed that it would have a great future, that the University would be the window that would open Siberia to the rest of the world.

Today we can proudly say that the expectations placed by our predecessors were justified. TSU confidently places among the leaders of Russian universities and has become recognizable abroad. The name of Tomsk State University in many parts of the world is already associated with quality education, significant fundamental research, and unique innovative developments. And this is a merit of all generations who ever worked and studied in the University.

The Birthday of TSU has become for the entire city a real celebration of science, education, and culture. So it turns out that the University itself makes gifts to Tomsk citizens on this day - interesting educational and cultural activities. But it is actually its main purpose - to gain, store and transfer knowledge to people.

Congratulations to the staff, graduate students, and students of our university on the Birthday of TSU, because it is our common holiday. Let this day open the next new page of the remarkable history of Tomsk State University.

Rector of Tomsk State University, Professor Eduard Galazhinsky

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