The School of Principal Investigators will train scientific leaders
The School of Principal Investigators is a joint project of the Tomsk Region Administration, scientific organizations, and universities of the Tomsk Region on the formation of human capital, which will become the basis for the development of the regional economy in the future. The project aims to make a significant contribution to the development of technologies in the region, as well as to ensure the development of the Tomsk Region as a region with a high concentration of research and development, innovation infrastructure, and advanced production.
PI - Principal Investigators occupy positions in the system of science and higher education that connected with the management of projects and programs. They are responsible for the content and strategy of the research, team building, organization of funding; they participate in the creation of small innovative enterprises, collaboration with industrial companies, and technology transfer.
The School of Principal Investigators is focused on training world-class researchers. They will be trained to navigate the current scientific agenda, develop external relations, ensure productivity and technology transfer to the industry, and much more.
The school will train young researchers (not older than 39 years), working in physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and biomedicine, and information technology. The program consists of three blocks: personal characteristics, social skills, and professional competencies. Following the results, the organizers of the Scholl will create groups to work on projects.

 - This project has two serious contexts for the university. The first is related to the fact that the university needs scientific leaders who can enter new, complex scientific areas and spaces, and form teams for new tasks - said TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky. – The second is that the University plans to bring its competencies and achievements to the school. I think our experience will be useful.

On May, the first educational module of the educational program School of Principal Investigators - Foresight and Tools of a Scientific Strategy has been launched. On thematic courses and workshops on knowledge management, foresight technologies, and analysis of grants and other resources for supporting research projects, participants communicated with experts and completed practical tasks based on the results of courses completed.