The TSU Museum of Zoology is nursing anthe injured Falco

Ornithologists of the Museum of Zoology are nursing a Falco columbarius, a bird that is listed in the Red Book of the Tomsk Region and designated there as a numerically insignificant and unstudied species. This bird is rare and is the smallest species of the falcons that live in Western Siberia.

A female Falco columbarius was brought to the Museum of Zoology two weeks ago. The bird was weak and thin, her right eye did not see, and dried blood was in the nasal passages. According to the scientists, most likely the animal collided with a moving vehicle.

- Colliding with a vehicle may have been connected to the fact that the columbarius catches birds, flying low over the ground, - said Sergey Moskvitin, director of the Museum of Zoology. - And in general, their hunting has many interesting features. They can hunt like cats, lying in wait for the victim on the ground, such as lizards, small rodents, or flying birds.

The columbarius that was brought to the Museum of Zoology is young, not yet a year old,  according to the scientists. Ornithologists say that the fate of the animal will depend on how soon it will be able to correct its vision. Possibly the bird will be given to the Barnaul kennel Altai Falcon, which is engaged in the breeding of falcons and other predators.