The University of Sussex assessed the potential of a TSU student

Polina Kalachikova, a student of the Faculty of Chemistry, is studying at the University of Sussex under the International Junior Research Associate Scheme (IJRA) programme. In Britain, she was offered to investigate loess deposits (sedimentary rock). This work will help in studying climate change on Earth under the influence of glaciers. The presentation of the project and the approach to its implementation aroused the keen interest of British professors.

- The internship programme is aimed at developing research skills for students who later plan to connect their lives with science. We carry out design work, the topics of which were offered to us by scientists from the University of Sussex, - says Polina Kalachikova.

In the UK, the student was asked to investigate loess deposits in Pegwell Bay (Great Britain). She analyzes their chemical and physical properties in order to establish the conditions for the flow of soil formation processes, the strength and direction of winds in a given region, the organic population (flora and fauna), and the susceptibility to the Earth's magnetic field, which also affects the climate.

- Here there is everything: geology, soil science, chemistry, and physics. It is impossible to say which is more, because all these things are interrelated, and our task is to understand these relationships in order to supplement the climate history of the Earth and to predict possible climate changes and their consequences, -  stressed Polina Kalachikova.

The student noted that she would like to continue to collaborate with the University of Sussex, because her research involves looking at objects from a different angle, and international partnership contributes to this.

- I saw Polina present on the plan for her research with Prof Julian Murton. I can’t stress how impressed we have been with how articulate and committed all the International Junior Research Students have been, Polina included. I was fortunate to be able to chat with Polina for a short while on our way to dinner last week and it’s been great to get to know her a little. She is a credit to TSU, – said Peter Boddy, an employee of International Office, University of Sussex.