The use of explosives in peaceful life will be discussed at TSU

Tomsk State University became a venue for the HEMs–2018 XIV International Conference. It gathered around 100 participants from seven countries. From September 3 to 5, they will present reports on civilian use of high-energy and special materials, counter-terrorism, and development of new security systems.

“HEMs. High-energy and special materials: demilitarization, counter-terrorism and civilian use” is regular event, conceived and implemented by the scientists from Russia, Italy, and France. In the list of authors and organizers of the conference, TSU is represented by Professor Alexander Vorozhtsov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, head of the Laboratory of High-Energy and Special Materials. The decision on the Conference 2018 to be held in TSU was made on the results of HEMs–2017 in Japan.

– It is the second time TSU hosts such conference, the previous one was in 2016, then everything went very well. And here we are again gathered in Tomsk. Back in the 1930s, we used to have a scientific school whose representatives were engaged in artillery science, and then rocket equipment. Now there are portraits of some of the founders of this school, for example, Mikhail Semenovich Gorokhov, hanging in TSU. But every time we open the conference, we emphasize that we are going to talk about the demilitarization of high-energy materials and counter-terrorism, – tells Alexander Vorozhtsov, Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

The HEMs-2018 conference will help to solve the most important fundamental scientific problems in the development and application of radically new approaches to the creation of promising materials, civilian chemical substances in the interests of developing new technologies. The scientists will touch upon issues of scientific support for counter-terrorism activities and the fight against man-made disasters. In particular, the methods for detecting hazardous substances and the ways to neutralize and destroy them for safety of people and environment will be discussed.

Almost 60 reports will be delivered in the seven sections. In addition, on the final day of the conference, 43 projects will be presented at the poster session in the hall of the Main building of TSU, most of which have been prepared by TSU staff.

– One of the topics under discussion is the use of explosives in pharmacy, – gives an example Alexander Vorozhtsov. – Everyone knows about nitroglycerin, it is a powerful explosive and at the same time it is a heart medication. Hexogen was originally synthesized as a medicine. And recently, the scientists from Tomsk and Biysk have discovered the most incredible analgesic properties of the most powerful explosive to date, CL-20. There is a very promising future awaiting the medicine which will be created on its basis. Now the Tomsk Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine is already engaged in this task under the state program “Pharma 2020”.

The organizers of the HEMs-2018 XIV International Conference from the Russian side are NR TSU, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Institute of Problems of Chemical and Energetic Technologies SB RAS, Federal Research and Production Center Altai, Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS, Goldberg Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative Medicine, technological platforms Modeling and Technologies of Exploitation of High-Tech Systems and Medicine of the Future. The list of organizers also includes the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, the University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 (France), and MACH company.

The event was held with the support of the RFBR grant (agreement No. 18-03-20062\18).