The wolf of a TSU student became the mascot of 2018 World Cup

A wolf named Zabivaka drawn by Ekaterina Bocharova, a student of TSU’s Graphic Design Department, has been chosen as the official mascot of the upcoming world soccer championship FIFA – 2018 in Russia.

According to Ekaterina Bocharova, her wolf is very cheerful, devoted to his activities, friendly, smiling, and honest. Zabivaka has participated in sports since childhood, and thanks to persistence and hard work has become one of the best.

To create an image, Ekaterina was inspired by Russian cartoons and the beloved dog Tyson. She consciously did not use the image of a bear, because the bear was already the symbol of the Olympic Games. According to her, the wolf is an essential part of Russian culture, so no wonder he is always present in fairy tales.

Before the start of the voting, the images submitted were polished by professional animators. Ekaterina says that her wolf became brighter and more expressive.