TSU scientists and medical center "Diagnostics +" created a unique device that helps to revive peopl...

On the demand of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, TSU in conference with " Diagnostics + " developed a device that will save the people caught in disaster situations lives. The device is attached to the victim's neck and then it quickly assess his condition and gives the whole sequence of necessary actions for the urgent care services.

- The device determines the large quantity of characteristics, for example, whether a person has a heartbeat and breathing, what kind of disturbance he or she has, reversibility or non- reversibility of disturbance - explains one of the device developers, Head of Quality Management Chair,, Professor Vladimir Syryamkin, TSU Innovative technology Department. - There are some situations where we couldn’t turn the victim. Our device will timely prompt if it will be that case. If a person still can be brought back to life, the device will display the rescuer algorithm of actions.

During the resuscitation the device evaluates the effectiveness of actions. If the rescuer actions are wrong or insufficient, the device tells them how to adjust it. It’s important that such devices are necessary not only for the rescuers. They are extremely useful for the military doctors and for those who works in time of peace, such as resuscitation specialists of ambulance services.

Tomsk scientist’s invention combines a fairly simple technical part and complex software products. Tomsk State University received three patents connected with this device. The Russian Emergencies Ministry rate high the parameters of human chest compressions in cardiopulmonary resuscitation automatic control device. It is expected that Russian Emergencies Ministry regional offices will be equipped with such devices. TSU and " Diagnostics + " joint production of producing the rescuers equipment will be organized in 2015 on the basis of the Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovative Type "Tomsk"