Tomsk hosts a symposium with leading international oncologists

September 17-19, Tomsk State University hosts the 22nd International Charles Heidelberger Symposium on Cancer Research organized by TSU and the Tomsk National Research Medical Center. This event is one of the world's major platforms for communication and networking of scientists, theorists, and clinicians involved in fundamental studies on diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Among the symposium participants, there will be major experts from universities and clinics of Russia, the USA, Israel, Germany, France, and other countries. At the conference they will present their latest achievements in studying of mechanisms of malignant tumor development, discuss new approaches to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

-  Malignant neoplasms along with cardiovascular pathologies are the most lethal diseases in Russia and the world. According to statistics, every year cancer takes the lives of 7.5 million people. Thus studies related to this problem is of great social importance, - says Nadezhda Cherdyntseva corresponding fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of Laboratory for Molecular Oncology and Immunology (Research Institute of Oncology), and leading research fellow of Laboratory for Translational Cellular and Molecular Biomedicine (TSU).

The symposium program was designed for three days. Participants will discuss studies of etiology and epidemiology of cancer, molecular carcinogenesis, mechanisms of signal transduction in tumor cells, interaction of tumor and microenvironment, immunology of tumors, and others. Along with this, they will discuss the implementation of research results into clinical practice.

Dozens of renowned experts from around the world will present their reports. Among them Alexis Gautreau PhD, Professor, head of the Department of Biology at the Polytechnic School, chief research fellow of the National Center for Scientific Research of France, and an author of over 70 scientific papers in leading foreign publications (Nature, Science and others). Professor Gautreau is a well-known specialist in the field of mechanisms of cell migration and tumor invasion, which contribute to metastasis - the main cause of death from cancer.

Among speakers, there will be Evgeny Imyanitov corresponding fellow of the RAS, research fellow of N.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology. He is one of the major experts on the problem of hereditary syndromes, associated with a high risk of malignant tumors.

There are about 30 hereditary syndromes associated with the development of malignant tumors and about 100 genes, which has been proven to participate in the development of malignant tumors. Evgeny Imyanitov was the first in Russia, who organized a laboratory for molecular genetic testing of hereditary genetic disorders, leading to the development of cancer. His research team discovered previously unknown congenital mutations, responsible for the development of breast cancer in females of Caucasian origin.

Karl Heinrich Link, director of Center for Surgery of the Oncology Clinic Asklepios Paulinen (Germany), will present his report. Professor Link is the leading oncologist in the field of abdominal surgery. His main areas of practical and scientific activities are related to the implementation of multimodal treatment of colon and rectal cancer into clinical practice, increasing effectiveness of treating patients with inoperable liver tumors (the professor's group is one of the three best groups in the world), and individualizing treatment program for patients with malignant intestinal tumors (his group is the first in the world).

Along with already mentioned researchers, there will be representatives of other renowned centers, like: Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Southern and Beckman Research Institute, Duarte, French National Center for Scientific Research, Ecole Polytechnique, School of Medicine (New York University), and other major research hubs.

- The events like this allow uniting scientific competencies and resources of whole international research community, - underlines Yulia Kzishkovsaya, head of the StrAU Institute of Biomedicine. This symposium is a platform that facilitates professional networking and creating of new ideas and research projects. We hope that the symposium will contribute to the solution of one of the most crucial problems of mankind - the fight against cancer.

It is worth mentioning, the symposium performs an important educational function. Within the framework of the school - Fundamentals of Creating New Approaches for Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment of Oncological Diseases, the experts will share their experience with young scientists. Practicing oncologists and clinicians, working in related fields, can improve their qualification here as well.

The annual representative symposium of oncologists is held in Russia for the second time. In 2016, it was held in Moscow, in 2018 its organization committee chose Tomsk National Medical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Tomsk State University. They created a joint research laboratory and successfully cooperate in the field of biomedicine.