Journalism students took part into the Lumix international festival in Germany

The LUMIX Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hanover testifies the power which photojournalism has in our image-oriented world, adding fundamentally to our perception of mankind in all its facets. The exhibitions are integrated into an attractive program with portfolio-reviews, lectures, panel-discussions and a technique showroom. The highlight of each festival day are the evening lectures of internationally known photographers.

A graduate of TSU Faculty of Journalism Alyona Kardash, who is now working as an employee of the TSU Office of Information Policy participated in this competition. She presented to the jury a very touching and sincere photostory about a Tomsk long-liver. Professor Role Nobel conducted a month classes at the Faculty of Journalism in October of last year. He praised the girl’s works and advised to send her to Lumix.

- It is interesting that among 60 photo stories that won the competition was a work created in Tomsk, - says Irina Korneva, coordinator of TSU Faculty of Journalism international activities. - An academic exchange group of students and teachers of the University of Hanover came in 2012. And one student was so pleased that a year later he came back to Tomsk and made an amazing story about the camp "Tomsk outpost." German students are going to Tomsk willingly. Our city charmed them for its originality and attracts by the opportunity to acquire unique professional experience here. Students from Germany say that traveling around Europe, of course, comfortable, but the space there is so familiar, usual and ... boring. Another thing is a distant Siberian town where all is different : the other language, mentality, lifestyle, traditions, architecture, everyday life ... They surprised by everything and trying to find original in photo stories that seems familiar for us. And we are glad to know that our faculty helps foreign students to recognize unknown, but interesting Tomsk.

By the way, the German students actively attend TSU summer school. It is expected that this year 15 students from the Higher Professional School of Hanover, a partner of our university will arrive to Tomsk.