Tomsk State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University have signed a strategic partnership agreement
On 25 March the two largest universities in Tomsk – Tomsk State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University – signed a strategic partnership agreement, thus underpinning their existing effective interaction. The universities’ rectors, Georgiy Mayer and Pyotr Chubik, signed the document. According to the agreement, the cooperation will cover such university activities as training of elite experts and joint research and cooperation in the field of technology transfer. TSU and TPU have repeatedly carried out joint projects; in particular, in the past year they successfully completed a major project under Government Decree 218, the parent organization-executor of which was TSU and the subcontractors – TPU and TUSUR.

It is planned that joint staff development through graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies making use of distance learning and the resources of research and education centers will be begin in earnest after the signing of the contract. Various forms of postgraduate education, including vocational training and skills training will be developed. Also, the universities will help each other in ensuring access to high-performance computing resources and community centers for using remote access technology. The corporate information and telecommunication infrastructure of the universities will be made use of, using satellite and terrestrial channels.

Currently, both universities have “national research” status.