TSU and GPB Digital have opened a new season of startup competion

The new season of the competition of student startups Launchbay.Digital, organized with the subsidiary company of Gazprombank GPB Digital, has started at TSU. Over seven weeks, seven teams under the guidance of mentors will develop their own ideas for startups. The winners will receive 150,000 rubles.

During the competition, teams must develop the concept of a digital product and create a clickable prototype. In four weeks, participants formulate the concept of the project, and this period organizers call the most difficult. The remaining three weeks are given to making a prototype. Also, students will master the approaches of design thinking and agile (a flexible development methodology).

- I sincerely believe that any person can create a good idea. Perhaps it will be easier for you than for us because you do not see any limitations that we see, - said Polina Flink, representative of GPB Digital, at the opening of the project. - Students, beginning specialists, can offer interesting ideas because they have a wider outlook and fewer restrictions in their head.

An obligatory condition is the conduct of a sociological survey, from which participants learn the needs and problems of their audience. The organizers emphasize that the startups created should be customer-oriented and technologically advanced, and have a business perspective.

- Innovation is not only inventing but also introducing, - said Konstantin Belyakov, Vice-Rector for innovation. - This is a big task and not everyone copes with it. But I hope that you will not only come up with projects but implement them. This will help our partners.

The winners will receive 150,000 rubles for the development of their project.

The competition of student startups GPB Digital and TSU is being held for the second time. Last season’s winners developed a mobile application for the development of professional competencies and search for internships. Members of the winning team are students of the Faculty of Journalism Yan Doroshenko and Tatyana Dergacheva. Now they have an internship in Moscow, where they continue to work on the product.

- The level that the guys reached last time is a kind of bar, to which we want all teams to strive, it is quite high, - noted Polina Flink. Many people come to us with experience, and with business, they bring their ideas, which are not even worked out as well as the ideas of the guys were worked out.