TSU buildings are more accessible for people with disabilities

Ilya Bakovich, a 4th-year student at the Institute of Economics and Management, has a project “Special Conditions for Special People”. This project, aimed at creating a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities being able to study, is being implemented. Several university buildings now have equipment that makes them more accessible.

Buttons for calling for help and signs saying “accessibility for wheelchair users” have been set up in the Center of Culture, Building No. 2, and the dormitory Parus. If wheelchair users can not get past the obstacle on their own, they can call for help and the guards will help them. The same waterproof buttons are installed in the toilets of these buildings.

In the Center of Culture, four folding lifting handrails and a portable induction system were installed. The induction system helps users of hearing aids to hear better in conditions of ambient noise and provides transmission of an audio signal from various transmitting devices, for example, from a microphone.

“Yellow circle” stickers were placed In the buildings. This is a safety sign that is attached to the glass door at eye level and prevents the visually impaired from hitting the door.

- I wanted to realize myself in the project activity, because I believed that, first, the idea has a socially useful effect, and second, it was interesting for me to check whether I can finish the work and install this equipment, and not just send the project to the competition,- says Ilya Bakovich. - The idea of my project is to make people with disabilities feel like ordinary students.

Funds for the implementation of the project were allocated according to the results of the fourth contest of initiative projects on the development of the university and the university environment, which took place in June 2017.