Turah Parthayana, a Youtube blogger from Indonesia with 288,000 subscribers, a Bachelor’s student of the Institute of Economics and Management of TSU took a video tour of the TSU campus. His guides were students who conducted a blogger at the most interesting places on the campus — University Grove, Botanical Garden, Library, TSU New Building, and told about them.
Turah Parthayana has been running its channel since 2017, among almost 300,000 of its subscribers are viewers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Colombia, and Brazil.

- Nobody knows about life in Russia, about studies, therefore it is very interesting. I want to introduce my viewers to the Russian culture, to discover something new for them, says Turah.

The topics of his blog are already becoming the features of Russian cuisine, life in a hostel, a trip to Kaliningrad for the World Cup. Some videos scored 1.5 million views.
According to the blogger, the audience has long asked him to tell about the University in which he is studying, but there was no team for filming. The staff and students of TSU helped him. During the tour on the campus of Turah many times noted: “Why I didn’t know about it before!”
Most of all, the blogger was surprised at the Bench of Reconciliation at the University Grove, the mammoth skeleton found in Siberia, which can be seen in the TSU Paleontological Museum, and the old building of the university’s library. At the Institute of Economics and Management he watched with interest the work of the “library without a librarian”, and in the office of the international vice-rector Artyom Rykun asked only one but important question: “why should international students come to study in Tomsk?”
An Indonesian blogger chose the Bachelor’s degree in Management from the Institute of Economics and Management three years ago, preferring Tomsk to Saint Petersburg and Moscow. In May of this year, he became the winner of the “Mr. and Miss IEM” competition, where he had to demonstrate his talents and skills in various competitions. The difficulty was that he was the only international student among the participants. The result was a complete surprise to him.

- I thought that, having joined the project, I would add difficulties to my daily activities (university, work, and Youtube). But when I participate in events, my stress evaporates, because the events are very exciting! Living in Tomsk and studying at TSU are like that, explains Turah.: