TSU can training candidates for space flight

Tomsk State University scientists presented the results of research aimed at increasing the effectiveness of training the astronauts during the flight at the international scientific and practical conference Manned Space Flight, held at Zvezdnyi Gorodok (Moscow region). The developments by theTSU scientists interested specialists at the Yuri A. Gagarin State Scientific Research and Testing Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC), and now the parties are prepared to sign an agreement on collaboration.

- Working visit to Zvezdnyi Gorodok helped us to identify two new directions, which we will try to master, - said Dmitry Balanev, head of the Laboratory for Cognitive Investigations in Space Exploration. - We set a goal to get to the short list of experiments conducted on board the international space station. The task is extremely difficult, but do-able.

The workday of a cosmonaut in orbit is 6.5 hours. Optionally, he or she can take an additional workload, but not more than two hours per day. In that time, experiments are conducted from a limited list that passed compulsory testing on Earth. TSU scientists will compete for inclusion of medical and psychological experiments related to the body's reaction to stress and high physical loads in the short-list of the ISS.

In addition, the Tomsk State University researchers are ready to contribute to the selection of candidates for flights to the ISS. Until recently, they were only military members, mostly test pilots enrolled in the cosmonaut program. Now the GCPC is holding an open competition for the selection of candidates for cosmonauts, and people with civilian jobs and good health can join.

- We have a full technical base, and methods for testing the physical and psychological state of the person, so we are ready and willing to help our colleagues from the GCPC to conduct selection, - says Professor Leonid Kapilevich, head of the Department of Sports-Health Tourism, Sports Physiology and Medicine TSU,. - Moreover, we can handle the initial stage of physical training of candidates for cosmonauts and will work to ensure that TSU got it right.

 Currently, Tomsk State University and the Cosmonaut Training Center are creating the draft of the agreement, which will be signed before the end of 2015.