TSU celebrated Victory Day

From the beginning of the year, TSU held festive events dedicated to the 71st anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. On May 9, University students and staff gathered at the University Grove at the traditional meeting to express gratitude to the veterans and to remember the victims.

The morning began with a marathon named Mile of the World. About 1,500 students and athletes ran from Lagernyy Garden to the main building of TSU.

Rector Eduard Galazhinsky was the first who spoke, with a solemn speech.

- When war comes, there is a great temptation to lose the most important thing in a person – the spiritual and moral base. But the people of the University were the bearers of the highest moral culture in the most inhumane and the most horrible conditions, - noted Eduard Galazhinsky. - Today, we pay tribute to all those who did not return from the front, and who died in the harsh conditions in the rear.

Valentin Stepanov, holder of the Order of the Red Star and the Order of the Patriotic War 1st Level, who worked at the Tomsk State University for 50 years, spoke on behalf of the veterans at the meeting. He recalled how the war became an ordeal for all the people and noted the role that the Tomsk scientists played. While the Soviet army was fighting at the front, a group of SPhTI scientists, headed by Dmitry Kuznetsov, produced a recipe for high-strength steel for T-34 tank armor and self-propelled guns.

- The victory that was achieved was also a big job of our rear - said the veteran. - Without this heroic selfless work, we would not have been able to win. We countered the enemy with our heroism and devotion to the Motherland and Fatherland.

At the end of the meeting, the column proceeded to the monument to the TSU students and employees who died during the Great Patriotic War. Students were carrying their portraits because the Immortal Regiment of TSU has become an integral part of the celebration of the Victory Day at the University.

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