TSU developed a staff evaluation programme for dangerous occupations

Employees of the Faculty of Psychology have created a programme for identifying personal characteristics of staff to help determine the suitability or unsuitability of a person to perform professional functions in terms of threats, risks, and uncertainties, for one of the largest companies in the country working in the military-industrial complex of Russia. 

- Work with this company included two stages. In the first, we studied the personal features of specialists who hold positions of different levels, - says Natalia Kozlova, head of the Department of Genetic and Clinical Psychology. - From the data obtained, we compiled a psychological portrait of each of the employees interviewed and assessed how the person matched a position and which professional functions this person could perform in the most effective way. In aggregate it allowed to determine the potential of the entire organization.

In the second stage, TSU scientists developed a comprehensive programme for staff evaluation that allows the human resources department to independently carry out diagnostics of professional and personal characteristics. This programme can be used for complete diagnosis or in three separate areas: assessment of candidates for employment, evaluation of personnel placement, and forecast of employees’ activities in a situation of risk and uncertainty. In order to help the HR department to master the new tool, psychologists have conducted several training seminars.

The new programme has a very wide range of applications. It can be used in all areas for the purpose of appointing people to positions most suited to their psychological type. For example, now a young scientist of the Faculty of Psychology uses this programme to work with representatives of the security forces who will be on duty in the North Caucasus. The data can improve the efficiency of professional military activity in extreme conditions.