TSU had a Great Book Celebration: 138 and 10

On 27 May, on its 138th birthday, TSU hosted once again one of the city's main events - the Great Book Celebration, which in 2016 had its first significant anniversary - 10 years.

This year, the Great Book Celebration festival showed a synthesis of the arts: the main topic was the point of intersection of literature and cinema. So, a variety of characters from the filmed works of Pushkin, Bulgakov, Lermontov, and others could be seen at the central avenue of the University Grove.

Famous scenes from classic works were presented there: you could meet and talk with Solokha, a prince in search of Cinderella, and many others.

Traditional book exchange became part of the “cinema exchange”: visitors brought to the exchange not only books, but also discs, and someone even brought a couple of old VHS-cassettes.

On the holiday, much attention was paid to presentations of Tomsk libraries because it coincided with their professional holiday - the All-Russian Day of Libraries. Thus, the TSU Research Library opened its own pavilion with books and discs that staff and readers gathered specifically for the event.

TSU graduates were involved in the work of all the sites - poets, musicians, needlewomen, and many others. For them, the Great Book Celebration on the day of the birth of Tomsk State University has become an occasion not only to demonstrate their talents but also to return to the hospitable walls of the Alma Mater.