TSU has created a device for quick measurement of materials

Radiophysicists have developed a WaveCube. It is a device for measuring the electrophysical parameters of materials. The entire measurement process takes less than a minute. The University is ready to produce small batches of equipment commissioned by laboratories and enterprises.

- It is necessary to measure the characteristics of materials, for example, in the manufacture of radio-transparent coatings of antennas, testing various absorbers and dielectrics,- said Sergey Shipilov, associate professor at the Faculty of Radiophysics. - Now, measurements of the dielectric constant and other electrical characteristics of the materials produced and absorbers are carried out in most cases in specialized laboratories equipped with anechoic chambers, and obtaining the results takes a long time.

TSU radiophysicists decided to simplify the measurements and created WaveCube device, which may be relevant for technology companies producing large batches of materials. The device itself is a cube 60/60/60 cm in size, inside of which there is a special focusing device that provides localization of radiation with the material under study. An anechoic chamber is not required for its operation. One of the main advantages is the speed of work. The entire measurement process takes less than 1 minute.

- It is very simple to get the parameters of the material. A flat sample of a dielectric material or an absorber is placed on the upper surface; its minimum size is approximately 15x20 cm. Then, the characteristics of the material are measured in the frequency range 2.5–13 GHz. Focused radiation reaches the material, is reflected from its lower boundary and from the upper one. The obtained data are recalculated using the program developed by us, and we see the parameters of the material under study in the entire working frequency band, - said Sergey Shipilov.

Scientists have developed technology for the mass production of the device, and the university small innovative enterprise Radiovision is ready to engage in small-scale production by individual orders.