TSU has created its Table of Elements for the anniversary of Mendeleev

Tomsk State University has joined the International Year of the Periodic Table of Elements dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the system of chemical elements by Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev. Especially for the project and for the 185th anniversary of the scientist, the university created its own version of the world-famous table and described the elements that make up the oldest university in Siberia: wisdom, openness, diversity, and others.

- The essence of a classical university has been described many times with words, but it was presented in a table for the first time. Each element is interconnected with others. This matrix reflects the essence of our university for the scientific world, the city, the region, and each of us. Of course, this table is not serious, but there is a grain of truth in every joke, - say the authors of the idea, employees of the TSU Department of Information and Communication.

The TSU Periodic Table of Elements will become part of the International Year of the Periodic Table project. On this site, anyone can also join, for example, Mendeleev's Mosaic, a competition of the University of Waterloo where they create Mendeleev portraits, made with different techniques. In turn, the School of Sciences of the University of Minho announced the production of a giant Periodic Table in a crochet of more than 15 square meters.

Dmitry Mendeleev was born on January 27 (February 8), 1834. In 2019, the 185th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian scientist is celebrated.