TSU has entered the ranking of THE in Physical Sciences

Tomsk State University has entered the world ranking of Times Higher Education (THE) in Physical Sciences for the first time. In total, there are 10 Russian universities in the ranking, including 8 that participate in the 5-100 Project.

– We entered in the subject ranking of Times Higher Education in Physical Sciences for the first time, and this is undoubtedly to the merit of the whole TSU staff members and the value of the achievements of the classical university, – said Victor Demin, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs. - This once again confirms that we are moving in the right direction, although places in various rankings are not a goal in themselves but an opportunity to clarify our priorities and directions of development.

TSU entered the group of 201-250. The ranking took into account the complex achievements of the university scientists in such areas as Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Ecology, Earth Sciences, and Marine Science.

The StrAUs Smart Materials and Technologies, Institute of Biomedicine, and TSSW: Siberian Institute of the Future are involved in these areas at TSU.

In particular, in 2017 the scientists of ETC SPhTI TSU created the world’s first hydrometallurgical technology for processing vanadium-containing titanium magnetite ores. It makes it possible to develop the large deposits of titanium magnetites located on the Kola Peninsula, in Transbaikalia, and in other regions of the country.

Chemists are also involved in the areas that were taken into account in the ranking. They are developing a new, three-layered composite material, resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and radiation, that is meant for the production of fuel elements for fast-neutron nuclear reactors and can also be used in aircraft and missile turbines.

TSU chemists and scientists at the Oncology Research Institute of the TSC SB RAS have developed a test system for the early diagnosis of lung cancer, a disease that is a leading form of cancer and is often detected in at an advanced stage and causes the death of patients.

Traditionally, mathematics education is very strong at TSU. For example, a regional academic mathematical center (AMC) will be established at TSU, whose task is to change the content of all levels of mathematical education in conjunction with the basic schools.