TSU has opened an AI laboratory to solve the problems of Industry 4.0

The TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science has opened the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Analytics, organized jointly with the IT company Atomic Soft. University researchers and their industrial partners will develop new big data analysis algorithms and create effective Industry 4.0 solutions for large Russian enterprises and corporations. This will help customers to reach a qualitatively new level of production - to ensure safety, increase work efficiency, and increase profit volumes.

- We took up the topic of artificial intelligence and industrial analytics a few years ago. A certain scientific groundwork has been created in this area that helps us to move on and create interesting projects in collaboration with industrial partners, - Alexander Zamyatin, Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (IAMCS), said at the opening ceremony. - We have been collaborating with Atomic Soft for several years in research and education. One of the joint projects is the master's program in big data mining, which includes the specialization “Industry 4.0”. This profile has been developed and is being implemented with the active participation of Atomic Soft.

A new step in the collaboration was the opening of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Analytics, in which the industrial partner invested more than 1 million rubles. One of the main activities of the new IAMCS laboratory will be creating innovative products and technologies for large industrial companies. They have already accumulated large volumes of data coming from various sensors, and the analysis of this data will identify risks of emergencies and prevent them. Based on the data obtained, systems can be built to launch new production processes and optimize existing ones.

- I believe that this is a very important step - combining the efforts of an industrial partner and a university to create new technologies, and at the same time to build competencies and train personnel who can work at the forefront of science,” said TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky at the opening ceremony. - Artificial intelligence is a popular name, there are a lot of myths and speculations around it, but we understand that AI is based on very serious mathematics and algorithms. I am sure that the inclusion of our departments and specialists in fundamental mathematics will help us to approach the frontier tasks that today need to be addressed.

Under the agreement signed between TSU and Atomic Soft, in the next three years, the industrial partner will invest about 30 million rubles in the laboratory, which will be for the creation of new technologies and support for young talented developers from among graduate students and students. In particular, it is planned to establish personal scholarships for them.

Also, in the new academic year, IAMCS plans to launch a new undergraduate program for the training of specialists in artificial intelligence. Its graduates will create new AI-based technologies for a wide range of areas, from healthcare and education to industry and national security.