TSU held the Russian-French defense of a dissertation on geochemistry

At the end of last year on December 24, the Dissertation Council of TSU held a dual Russian-French defense of a dissertation on soil geochemistry. Olga Drozdova, a graduate of Moscow State University and Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse, France), defended in Tomsk her work The Behavior of Metals and Organic Matter in Soils and Natural Waters of  North Karelia.

One of Olga Drozdova’s scientific advisors is Oleg Pokrovsky, a member of the observatory Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse and head of the TSU Laboratory of Biogeochemical and Remote Sensing Methods for Environmental Monitoring.

Olga Drozdova’s scientific research is devoted to studying the composition and distribution of metals and organic matter in soils and natural waters of unpolluted areas of North Karelia. As was mentioned in many reviews in her work, this topic is very relevant in theoretical and practical terms. Information about the regularities of formation migration flows of chemical elements in the landscape is a necessary component of ecological and geochemical work.

The French defense was held online after the Russian. The head of the French side was Jérôme Viers, professor at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, an expert in geochemistry.

This is not the first double defense with the Paul Sabatier University: in 2012 Maria Kolmakova, graduate student of two universities (Tomsk and Toulouse) defended her thesis at TSU, and in 2013 postgraduate student Rinat Manasypov defended his thesis.

The author's abstract of the thesis The Behavior of Metals and Organic Matter in Soils and Natural Waters of North Karelia for the degree competition of a candidate of biological sciences is available in the electronic library TSU (in Russian).