TSU hosts the first international microsurgery summit

The international microsurgery summit dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Microsurgery in Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Beitinger, the Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, is taking place at three venues at once: at the Microsurgery Research Institute, the TSU Research Library, and the Siberian State Medical University. The program includes demonstration operations, the broadcast of which is available on screens in the halls of TSU Research Library. Also, participants are awaiting training courses from the leading microsurgeons in the world, reports on advanced technologies in microsurgery, and a presentation of the latest equipment.

TSU is greatly associated with the development of medicine and medical materials science, which helps surgeons. One such example is the Victor Gunther School. For about 40 years, the school team has been preparing various materials and products for medicine based on titanium nickelide, a unique material with shape memory and superelasticity. Products from it are used in vascular surgery, during reconstructive operations for cancer patients, and other procedures.

- Another very interesting area is the unique porous ceramics created by our scientists. It replicates the architecture of bone tissue, that is, it is very close to it in structure, which makes the material suitable for the production of implants. Along with a similar structure, they also have high biocompatibility with the native tissues of the patient. This area is actively developed by the Laboratory of Medical Materials under the leadership of Sergei Kulkov, which includes staff of TSU and the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science, - said Yuri Kistenev, Deputy TSU Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Activities.

A few years ago in Tomsk, TSU and the Institute of Physics and Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences created a consortium on the technological chain for conducting recovery operations for cancer patients - this is one of the areas of oncoplastics. The Tomsk region was the first that began operations to repair facial bone defects using implants made of porous nanoceramics. Already 12 such operations have been successfully carried out at the Oncology Research Institute.

Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Microsurgery is the only specialized research institute in Russia and the CIS countries and one of 7 in the world. The purpose of its work is to conduct clinical and fundamental research in reconstructive and plastic microsurgery and tissue engineering to improve the quality of life of people who have been injured or suffer from a chronic disease or malformation.

Among the summit participants are 25 leading surgeons from Russia, Japan, Germany, Romania, the USA, and other countries.