TSU investigates human development

The INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR RESEARCH IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENT began the seminar with the elements of the scientific school for young scientists Etiology of Individual Differences in Child Development. Leading researchers in psychology, cognitive science and genetics are presenting lectures and workshops at the event.

The workshop with elements of the scientific school will last for three days. Participants will not only listen to lectures of leading scientists, but also pass practical work on DNA extraction and storage in laboratories of the Centre. Professors’ presentations will focus on various methods that scientists use to study genetic and environmental factors of mental development (IVF, twin methods), the ethical aspects of genetic research, and other topics.

- The task of our center is to study human development at all levels: genetic processes, neural processes of the brain, and the psychological processes and general behavior of a man - said  Yulia Kovas, co-director of the International Centre for Research in Human Development, at the opening of the workshop. - This problem is serious, many laboratories and centres of the world are engaged in solving it, and we collaborate with them, and also involve experts from different countries in our projects.

Workshops and lectures will be conducted by Sergey Malykh – Psychological Institute, Russian Academy of Education; Michel Boivin – Professor of the School of Psychology at Université Laval (Canada) and Head of the TSU Laboratory for Investigations into Biopsychosocial Factors in Child Development; Gordon Harold – Professor at the University of Sussex (UK); Professor Julia Kovas; and other researchers.

- We are united by one purpose – to provide new knowledge about human development, which can lead to the improvement of a person's life – said Yulia Kovas. - Our goal is to provide fundamental knowledge using interdisciplinary approaches. We want to get the knowledge that will be applied to such areas of human life as education, health, career, and others.

The International Centre for Research in Human Development is one of five TSU Centres of Excellence. It is led by Professor Julia Kovas and Sergei Malykh, Fellow of the Russian Academy of Education. The work of the Centre brings together scientists from different areas who conduct the study of language, child development, cognitive abilities, and other areas of humandevelopment. The largest project is the creation of the Russian School Twin Registry (RSTR), which is working closely with the international project the Twins Early Development Study - TEDS.