TSU invites you to "Russian Seasons"

On December 18 and 19, Tomsk State University will host a scientific and cultural forum "Russian Seasons". It is organized by the Centre for Research Trans-Siberian Scientific Way , created at TSU in May of this year.

The December "Russian Seasons" will be devoted to the Russian national costume. How did the Russian peasant perceive her dress when she sewed it herself, how was it seen at the turn of the centuries by the Russian Empress or the designer Nadezhda Lamanova? Was there a special dress for the Russian sculptor Vera Mukhina? How did local artists see Russian costume? What unbanal work with the traditional Russian clothing is possible today? Why should we reconstruct authentic clothes? Visitors will be able to find the answers, together with experts, for these and many other questions.

"Russian Seasons" will include  creative laboratories, public lectures, expert sessions, displays of replicas of female hats of the 18th and 19th centuries and contemporary designer clothing, and interactive performances, where you can take pictures "inside" of famous paintings by Russian artists. Entrance to all events is free.

All events of the forum will be broadcast at the Internet. To participate in "Russian Seasons" through the online broadcast, the link is: http://webinar.tsu.ru/rus_season

More information about the event can be found in the communities of the project in the social network "VKontakte”: http://vk.com/russkoe_tomsk


December 18, Friday:

12.00 "Russian crown: technology, principles, and materials of hat reconstruction of the 18th and 19th centuries." Creative Laboratory Johanna Nikadimusa (assembly hall of the main building of TSU).

16.00 "Live Painting". Interactive performance: "living pictures" (costume installations, repeating canvases), a lecture-tour about the history of paintings and a photo opportunity "inside" pattern (Hall of Cultural Centre of TSU).

16.00 Exhibition "Traditional dress from the collections of the TSU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberia" (Hall of Cultural Center of TSU).

19.00 "Men about clothing: histories with exposure." Interesting conversation about the perception of tradition today and projections about its future, showing a collection of contemporary designer clothing “Russkoe” and replicas of hats of the 18th and 19th centuries and reconstruction of traditions and rituals of Siberians. Andrew Borovsky, Johan Nikadimus, and Andrew Skatkov (Moscow) with the participation of the art project "Vasilyev Evening" (Tomsk) (concert hall of the Cultural Centre of TSU).

December 19, Saturday:

12.00 "Architectonics and reconstruction of the Northern Kosoklinnyj Sarafan". Creative lab. Experts Andrew Skatkov and Maria Orlova (design group SAMO) (assembly hall of the main building of TSU).

12.00 Exhibition "Traditional dress from the collections of the TSU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberians" (assembly hall of the main building of TSU).

14.00 "The Shabelskaya Complex": milestones of mythologizing folk costume in the 20th century." Lecture on folk costume by researcher Andrew Borovsky (the assembly hall of the main building of TSU).

18.00 "Kimono VS ponёva: traditional clothing inside and out." Lecture with a demonstration of putting on a kimono "kurotomesode" – a ceremonial complex of female Japanese costume and "Russian dress" - a festive costume of young women of the Belgorod region. Experts - Andrew Skatkov, Maria Orlova, Andrew Borovsky (site of the creative project "Smile": Tomsk, Nahanovicha alley, 7 movie theatre "Kinomir", 1st floor, VIP-hall).

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