TSU invites you to skate and eat donuts on Tatiana's Day

TSU invites Tomsk residents to celebrate the “professional” holiday of students - the Day of Saint Tatiana, on January 25 at the University ice rink. All guests will be welcome to go skating, take part in sports competitions, and watch the donut-eating contest.

Traditionally, this festival symbolizes the unity of students, professors, and citizens, so the students have decided to celebrate Tatiana's Day at the University rink and have it open for all (Mavlyukeevskoe Lake, next to TSU’s residence hall Parus “Sail”).

The festival starts at 18.00, and the skate rental for everyone is free of charge.

TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinsky will congratulate the guests of the University and along with all them will come to the ice.

The holiday will not be boring: in addition to the skating, Tomsk people will be able to watch the inter-university championship for eating donuts. Also, there will be a marathon where the cheerleading teams of Tomsk universities will show the elements of their performances.

In addition, everyone interested will have the chance to demonstrate their strength and agility in competitions in rope pulling and lifting weights.

Tomsk residents shouldn’t be afraid of freezing: the weather forecast promises a warming, and there will be hot pancakes and sbiten (a hot Russian drink, tea with honey and spices) to help keep warm.

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