TSU invites you to the open open lecture by Nicolas Buchoud


Open Lecture by Nicolas Buchoud, Centre for Urban Studies and Regional Development (CUR) - Tomsk State University.  

Space, knowledge, progress, Siberia and the digital age.

We are all witnessing and contributing to a great transition age. Following the development of the internet (1.0), the development of social networks has been faster (2.0). Recently, the era of connected objects or internet of things (IoT) has started (3.0). The change is now affecting industrial structures (4.0), while in 2016 a « Society 5.0 » initiative was born. Moving from the information society to the Super Smart Society, the future might then be about connecting IoT, AI (artificial intelligence), robots and life science altogether.

But is this the only way forward?

In an era of unprecedented urbanisation and impact of human activities on the biosphere, described as the Anthropocene, how will human and social sciences meet digital challenges? Are universities still the place to build and share the knowledge bricks of the 21st century? And what if, in parallel to the development of a “New Silk Road”, Siberia played the host for a new version of the “Great Northern Expeditions” and become a distinctive cradle of progress for our times?