TSU develops a project for the integration of international students

Since the beginning of the school year, TSU has had one more faculty: pre-university training. Currently, more than 20 students from China, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, and Taiwan have been training there. The faculty together with the Office of International Relations is developing a project for integrating international students in the student community of the University, which will begin in 2016.

Now pre-university training students spend most of their time spend in the hostel Parus (Sail) - here they live, study, and rest. The project, prepared by the teachers along with specialists on international affairs, will not allow international students to be isolated after a year of studies at the faculty of preliminary training is over and they continue their education at other faculties of TSU.

- Now they are with us, under the parental wing - and when they leave, they will need support not only of teachers, but also from students, - said Daria Tarakanova, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pre-University Training. - The project involves assistance from other students in creating a Russian space for international students, so that they not be isolated. Russian students can guide them through the city, conduct master classes, talks, festivals and other activities. It is planned that such cooperation will be organized in 2016, and now we are preparing the work plan.

Now the faculty has two programmes - Russian language and Russian language+1. The first semester everyone trained in Russian language, which includes the testing of all the necessary skills: spoken language, writing speech, listening, and grammar. In the second semester, students will be able to select the second programme and add another course - The language of the specialty. This course will contain the adapted texts in the specialty that interests the student.

In January, another 20 International students will enroll at the Faculty - from Iraq, Nigeria, the USA, and other countries. It is planning to train 50 people by the end of the academic year. At the end of the course they will be able to pass the test for the First Level Certificate of Russian language (TORFL-I) which allows its holder to enroll in a Russian university.

For reference. The Faculty of Pre-University Training was established in TSU in 2015; its main objective is language training of international students. The basis for the work was the experience of the preparatory department, which previously existed at the Faculty of Philology and trained up to 20 people per year, mostly students from China. Creating a structurally separate department has greatly increased the number of students and expanded the geography of their home countries.