TSU is issuing fitness bracelets for a healthy lifestyle

Under the new health programme, TSU has begun to issue fitness bracelets for a healthy lifestyle. Throughout the year, volunteers will record and regulate their exercise, and the most active people at the university will be encouraged through a variety of bonuses.

The University purchased fitness bracelets especially for the programme that track the number of steps, time, movement, pulse, and sleep regime. To participate in the programme, it was necessary to apply: there were 312 students and 147 employees, from whom were selected 50 persons in each group.

- In the selection of the students, we pay attention to the motivational letter. For example, young people want to have good health and a pleasant appearance, properly allocate time to exercise and not be lazy, and also they are interested in the competitive spirit of the project, - said Vyacheslav Dihl, the chairman of the TSU student union organization.

The staff was selected in several age groups. Most of the applicants were young teachers up to 45 years old, but the project also will be attended by employees who are over 50 and 60.

One of the first fitness wristbands from the University was received by Madhav Govind Siddharth, a Master's degree student from India at the Faculty of Informatics.

- In India, there are no such projects, and as soon as I learned about this opportunity, I wanted to participate. It's great that TSU cares about our health, - says the student. - Earlier, I used to play football but eventually began to notice that I spent a lot of time at the computer, so the fitness bracelet will be good motivation for me to get back to an active lifestyle.

After receiving the gadget, all participants need to register on the site http://behealthy.tsu.ru/ and start to move actively - hiking, going to the gym or swimming pool. Participants can track their progress online and the physical activity of other students and staff. If any students or employees of TSU already have a fitness bracelet, they can independently join the action, after registering on the site.

The project is planned to have four control points: a month, three months, six months, and a year. At the end of each phase, the University will encourage the most active participants with a variety of bonuses, including personal trainer services, subscriptions to gyms and a swimming pool, and travel expenses to conferences.

The project is being implemented on the initiative of TSU’s leadership in the programme “Be Healthy”, whose mission is to make sport more accessible to staff and students. The programme provides free access to the various sections and the chance to work out in the sports halls of TSU on a special schedule