TSU joined the Association of Universities of the Third Age

Tomsk State University has become a member of the International Association of Universities of the Third Age (IAUTA), an authoritative organization that includes universities in Europe, Asia, and America. It was created in 1973 to promote the sharing of knowledge, which reaches the older generation, for the benefit of the whole society. This is a vivid and convincing realization of the social role of the university in the modern world.

- Membership in this association gives us access to the international level of open and free education, - says Elena Novikova, Director of the TSU centre Open University. - There will be an exchange of experience and study of technologies of working with people of this age. In fact, it's not easy. For example, we were the first in Tomsk to launch free English language courses for seniors, and the first year of work showed us that it is necessary to use completely different, special techniques.

Open University is an educational centre focused on different social and age groups of the Tomsk Region. Many free lectures and other educational activities are organized at the centre. Particular attention is paid to education the people of the third age and  vulnerable populations of the city and the region.

- At a certain point the president of IAUTA, Professor François Vellas, contacted us and expressed a desire to come to Tomsk, - says Elena Novikova. - I think the leadership of the Association is interested to see the different regions, to explore how this work is proceeding in different countries and universities around the world, because everywhere there are its own particularities. But there are common problems.

During the first half of 2016, Open University conducted 9 programmes, which were attended by more than 3,300 people.