TSU leads in the programme of Project 5-100

Tomsk State University was among the six universities who were leaders of the programme of the Russian academic excellence project 5-100. In its defense of its Roadmap, the University emphasized the many interdisciplinary projects and its own unique path of development.

- The dynamics of our development, the results that we demonstrate, were highly appreciated by the members of the council. The council understands that today there are not enough resources to solve the problems facing universities. And therefore it is important to assess the real transformations at the university, - said Eduard Galazhinsky, TSU’s Rector.

At the meeting, TSU presented 3 comprehensive research projects that will combine the resources of the Strategic Academic Units (StrAUs) operating at the University: the diagnosis and therapy of oncological and cardiovascular diseases, the analysis of social networks, and functional nanoelectronics for new markets.

- Our scientific projects were positively evaluated, in my opinion, due to the fact that they are interdisciplinary in nature and are aimed at solving important tasks of society,- said the Rector. - Such interdisciplinary projects allow us to use the powerful potential of the humanities faculties. This is a new space for the activities of our researchers.

In total, 21 universities - participants of the project 5-100 had their presentations. Following the meeting, the council divided all participants into 3 groups. Tomsk State University was included in the group of project leaders.

- Being among the leaders is a high assessment of the whole team, I want to congratulate you, we are doing a great job. - said Eduard Galazhinsky. - Unfortunately, there are not enough resources today, but we, the university team, always mobilize in such situations and solve the set tasks. And now it is important not to slacken the pace. This meeting was the preparation for the final decision of the council in late October. The situation is very competitive. And our task is to keep the position. But the main thing is that we understand where we are going and why. I think the members of the council were impressed that we were self-determined and believe in what we are doing.

At the autumn meeting, universities will present road maps for 2018-2020. The council will take final decisions on the subsidies that universities will receive for the implementation of the next phase of the programme.