TSU paleontologists are looking for the remains of dinosaurs

TSU paleontologists and colleagues from Saint Petersburg State University have begun a paleontological and stratigraphical expedition along the Small Kemchug River (Krasnoyarsk Krai), where they expect to find a new site of dinosaur fauna.

The river is considered to be impassable due to the large number of logjams - snaggy areas tumbled with fallen trees. Previously, no one did any scouting or paleontological excavations there. However, analysis of the geological structure conducted by scientists suggests that sites as yet unknown to science are hidden in this place.

- We have a preliminary geological map and paleographic reconstruction, which we did. Based on these data and intuition, we expect to find fossils, - says Sergey Leshchinskiy, head of TSU’s Laboratory of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Continental Ecosystems.

He said that scientists expect to find here the remains of already known species of dinosaurs that have already been found in Siberia. They also do not rule out the discovery of completely new species.

- One of the reasons why so few were found is that in Siberia ancient rocks appear very locally, on the banks of rivers. The second problem is that our country is very large, and many places are difficult to access. I'm sure there are many places in the north where the rock outcrops and the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods exist and there are complete skeletons of dinosaurs, but to get there is very difficult - says Pavel Skuchas, senior researcher of TSU’s Laboratory, assistant professor at Saint Petersburg State University.

The expedition will last until the beginning of August.  

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