TSU plans to get a second master's degree of international quality

On November 10-11 an international group of experts from FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) will be at the Faculty of Psychology. The purpose of the visit is to carry out the full-time assessment phase of quality and competitiveness of the master's programme Psychology of Health and Safety as a part of its international accreditation.

During the visit, the experts will review the documentation of the programme, the terms of student learning, and the organization of scientific work, and also meet with the leadership, teaching staff, students and alumni, and administrative staff of the university.

The master's programme Psychology of Health and Safety was opened in 2011, and its graduates are widely in demand in the labor market. They work at a variety of enterprises, and are able to perform complex tasks for solving conflict situations, rehabilitation, carrying out psychological support to individuals and professional services in psychology, information, and personnel security.

This is not TSU’s first experience of cooperation with FIBAA. This year the master's programme Studies of the European Union, at the Faculty of History, has already received international accreditation from FIBAA.

- We have developed about 10 indicators that confirm that the accreditation process entails a positive change - says Tatyana Rudenko, Director of the Centre for International and Professional and Public Accreditation of TSU Educational Programmes - It confirmed the surveys of graduates, employers, students that are conducted on a regular basis. The historians, who had the procedure of international accreditation last year, meaningfully reworked about 30 programmes, taking into account the external evaluation that they were given. Thus, they managed to increase the number of subjects taught in English, from 1 to 15, which is a very serious indicator.