TSU’s Academic Council discussed the new concept of education

Tomsk State University will have five new divisions, called strategic academic units. The discussion of their role in improving the quality of education at TSU to the world level was held on March 1 at the meeting of the Academic Council.

The new units are: Institute of Biomedicine (IB), Institute of Smart Materials and Technology (SMTI), Institute of the Human of the Digital Era (IHDE) and TSSW: Siberian Institute of the Future (SIF) will be engaged in implementing interdisciplinary projects, developing new technologies, and training graduate and post-graduate students of TSU. Traditional divisions – departments and faculties, will be responsible for preparation of bachelors students.

- The global economy is now radically reshaped, showing the main trends of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which were discussed at the recent forum in Davos, - said Eduard Galazhinsky, Rector of TSU, during the presentation of the new units. - The focus of the new economy is the quality of life, therefore our strategic units centered around four key areas of change: people, society, physical reality, and the environment.

For example, the Institute of Biomedicine focuses on interdisciplinary educational programmes, which are based on the results of the research of the TSU Centres of Excellence and technology projects with leading companies. The training of specialists with complex transdisciplinary competencies will allow providing high-tech personnel to innovative high-tech company focused on the development of personalized medicine and the use of high technology to fight with socially significant diseases.

The purpose of the Institute of the Human of the Digital Era is research, personnel, and technological support for the transformation processes in the society during its transition to a new industrial order. One of the main tasks of the Institute is developing and implementing in education a number of technologies, developing talent, and enhancing the success of instruction in the STEAM directions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Inviting leading international scientists to the Institute and creating a network of educational programmes with international leaders in these areas will attract talented entrants to TSU.