TSU’s Confucius Institute was recognized as one of the best

The global network of Confucius Institutes, with a mission to spread the Chinese language abroad, includes 1,600 cultural and educational centers. One of them was created at TSU, with the participation of Shenyang Polytechnic University. According to the results of activity in 2016, the Confucius Institute at Tomsk State University entered the top 20. On December 10, awards to the best representatives of the global network were held at the convention of Confucius Institutes in Kunming, China.

- Despite the fact that the Chinese language has earned a reputation as one of the most difficult and hard to study, its popularity is growing every year. In fact, now it is in second place after the English language – said Irina Shvedova, director of the TSU’s Confucius Institute. – There are several reasons for this, including the great interest in Chinese culture, the strong economic growth that the country has had, and the broadening collaboration with it.

The Confucius Institute is one of the main educational areas for Chinese language teachers. By working closely with the Ministry of Education of China and with the Embassy of China in Russia, TSU’s Confucius Institute has the opportunity to invite the best specialists for its seminars.

- The Confucius Institute is not only a science and education center, it is also a cultural center, - said Eduard Galazhinsky, the Rector of TSU. - Many activities of TSU’s Confucius Institute, such as Chinese New Year and Day of the Confucius Institute, have ceased to be only university events, they have acquired the status of a city celebration. Tomsk residents come to TSU to touch the unique culture of China. It promotes self-identity and helps us to better understand ourselves and brings tolerance of other people.