TSU school of aircraft modeling will create airplanes and kites

Kuat Ismailov, a Master’s student, is creating an aircraft modeling school at TSU, and admission will be held in October 2017. The students will master a theoretical course and build gliders, planes, and radio-controlled models. This project was one of the winners of the 4th competition of initiative projects for the development of the university and the university environment.

- Technical aircraft modeling enables solving important problems in scientific and technical experiments to create aircraft and gives an idea of the role of each of the engineering sciences in the aviation industry,- said Kuat Ismailov. - Today's technology and cheap materials make it possible to design aircraft models and drones that are unique in their characteristics: from a fan-flyer (toys for demonstration flights) to an industrial transport drone for the delivery of small loads.

The school will conduct theoretical studies on the basics of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, theory of strength, and creation of computerized control systems, and also students will learn the basics of aviation and its development.

In addition, during the year, students will create two types of models: free-flying and radio-controlled, either gliders, airplanes, or simple helicopters.

- We will try to launch these models and will participate in exhibitions and competitions at city festivals, - adds Kuat.

Enrollment in the school will begin in October. Classes will begin in the same month and will be held once a week during the year. Tuition is free.

For all questions, contact Kuat Ismailov: +79528988697, e-mail: mendikjan@gmail.com