TSU security guards will speak English

The keepers of order at TSU have been studying English for a month, and soon there will be English-speaking guards on duty in each building of the university. TSU staff unanimously agreed that this is important for the reputation of a university that is seeking to occupy a prestigious position in the world educational space.

Organizing an intensive English language course for th eTSU Guard Services is one of the activities of the project "Establishment of English-speaking environment in TSU in order to attract students from leading international universities." In addition, TSU is successfully operating a network of language clubs, and many departments regularly host scientific seminars in English. Artyom Rykun, head of the project, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, has set a goal: to create conditions at TSU in which  English has become the second working language for every employee and student.

Elena Samofalova, lecturer in the Department of International Relations at the Faculty of History, teaches "unusual students".

The teacher noted how motivated her students are, and how interested they are in their studies. The English courses will conclude with attestation: examiners will create a situation where a university security guard will need to help international guests to solve problems using their knowledge and skills. For example, to explain how to get to a classroom, the dining room, the dean’s office, or exits, and to assist in emergency situations.

The Office of International Relations plans that English-speaking guards will appear first at the main building and at the dormitory Parus (“Sail”), where international students live.

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