A TSU student from China was the prize-winner of the Russian Olympiad

On October 24 the 5th All-Russian Congress of the Association of Foreign Students in Russia in Volgograd completed its work. About 200 people took part. Tomsk State University was represented by fourth-year students of the Faculty of Philology Wu Yue and Chen Qi, who are in the double degree programme with Shenyang Polytechnic University.

The All-Russian Olympiad of the Russian Language among international students is traditionally held as part of the congress, and Wu Yue won second place among the students of the third and fourth undergraduate courses.

- Our international students have never won the All-Russian Olympiad of the Russian Language, so the second place is almost a victory for us, - says Svetlana Faschanova, Candidate of Philology, senior lecturer at the Russian Language Department of Faculty of Philology. – Wu Yue and Chen Qi are studying at TSU for just the second year, they completed the first and second courses in China. The study is not easy for them, because in four years they have to master the curriculum of two universities. However, they have shown good results in the study of the Russian language, and are actively involved in the scientific and cultural life of the faculty and the University.

Wu Yue and Chen Qi demonstrated their Russian language knowledge and skills in two rounds of the Olympiad: written and spoken. The first was writing an essay on the Russian language as a language of their future profession. In the second round, students were divided into pairs by lot and created a dialogue on a situation presented to them.

In addition to solving Olympiad tasks, the TSU delegation also participated in the discussions of the Congress, and in the final concert with the song Clouds in the Blue.

The Congress of the Association of Foreign Students is held annually in different cities of Russia - Voronezh, Astrakhan, Yekaterinburg, and others. In 2014, in Voronezh TSU students Ju Chuanya and Chen Lei received an award from the jury in special nominations For a Sense of Humor.